Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate

Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate - student project

I absolutely love this class and again the millions of potentials this type of illustration gives. Even with simple illustrations, I found myself drawing and redrawing the same subjects - a great way to observe and appreciate different food which we normally just scroll away on Instagram. Here're two illustrations inspired by this class: 

1. Avocado Toast 

As I'm not good at coming up with colors on my own, I went to to look for palettes that go well with avocado toasts. This made me feel less overwhelmed about making color choices for this piece. The texture of mash avocado was also a challenge for me so I ended up stacking different shades of green and erase them with a messy chalky brush to achieve some irregularity and grainy effect. 

Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate - image 1 - student project

 Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate - image 2 - student project

2. Love Potion (cocktail) 

I don't drink...but I decided to do something about cocktails and learn a bit about different vodka brands. Here's the sketch for this piece. I was envisioning some magical bubbly text like a witch's spell or some gold text from classical book covers.

Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate - image 3 - student project 

It ends up much simpler...cross out the bubbly text and some hearts, as I feel that they can be a distraction to anybody who's actually trying to follow the recipe.

But I tried to apply what I've learnt from Liz's metallic class and add some gold glitter on the border. The hardest part of this drawing is shading the ice cream and finding how it is supposed to look like.

 Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate - image 4 - student project

Two Recipe Illustrations with Procreate - image 5 - student project

It took me a day to finish the entire class and create the pieces. Thanks Liz for being my inspiration once again! 

I also really want to improve my illustration and composition skill. If you happen to stumble upon my project page, please leave a moment to give me your feedback! Happy Drawing! 

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