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Two Non Techies - A blog for Non-Technical Co-founders of Tech Start-ups!

UPDATED! 7/09/13

the second (and the one I am using) version of the digi-logo above.

above: the logo used with general website "look"

the first version of the digitized logo above...


BELOW was updated on 6/20/13

Hello everyone!! Excited to be in this class.

I am starting a blog called TwoNonTechies- which is a blog about two non-technical co-founders who started a tech-startup by themselves and taught themselves how to program. It takes readers through the journey of starting a tech startup, especially from the viewpoint of being a non-technical.(which is the name the industry gives us designers and business-people!)

So anyway, we want the blog to feel like a environment of learning, fun, unconventional stories, and more. We want it to be a resource for those (many many) non-technical co-founders who are trying to get a tech company up and running! We will provide tips and anecdotes and all kinds of help.

Some of the impressions we want the blog and the logo to leave are: FUN, HELPFUL, CREATIVE, SURPRISING, COOL, EXCITING!

These logos below are some very preliminary sketches. I want to combine a couple fonts, and also I want the NON to stand out (or stand in the background rather) so that the Two-Non-Techies logo could eventually also be seen as Two---Techies... because the story is that we've conquered the NON part and we ARE self taught techies now. The NON is just the history of us which is important for the readers to know, esp. if they're starting out!

Let me know what you all think, and hopefully Evan can also maybe give me a few pointers!  :) fingers crossed.

thank you!


more - newly created iterations!


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