Two Moto Co.

Two Moto Co. - student project

Two Moto Co. - image 1 - student project

Two Moto Co. is a little experiment that started as a design project while enrolled in a continuing education class. I guess it's a motorcycle lifestyle brand but that sounds too refined and maybe too corporate? I'm not there yet and not sure I want to be labeled either of those things. It has since turned into a little more than a hobby and I'm actually making a (very) small profit. I've talked with my screen printer about creating an internal label for shirts–noting size and maybe some other little design notes. That could be fun. I'm also considering hang tags for products. I really like John's idea of attaching a pin and I've had that thought even before seeing the idea in his first video; great minds, right John? Lastly I've some new ideas, one in particular, about a new shirt illustration idea and feel it might fit into the "Illustration and Lettering: A Hands-on Approach to Label Design" family.

This mood board represents some brands and images and just general feel of things that have inspired Additionally, below, are some logos I've created and used, and some I plan to use in the VERY near future.

Two Moto Co. is just me and my wallet so it's hard to put all of the ideas I have in to production, it's taught me to be hyper criticalat times and at others just incredibly impulsive. This whole experiment has been a learning curve of what people buy and why, some hits, but a lot of misses. We'll see where things go but I'm stoked to be here and know i'll learn something.

Seth Ferris

Designer and bike starter...