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Rodrigo Costa

Industrial Designer / 3d Animator



Two Little Sisters

As a little intro I have to say that I have two daughters who fight a lot, as normal, but I want to use this short animation story to come over this situation.

Once upon the time, an older sister is drawing at the ground, we see she enjoying to drawing her world… suddenly the youngest sister appears, and stay stunned looking at her sister’s draw, and then sharply takes an marker and tries to draw too. The older, looking sideways and making a face of disgust, quickly stops her little sister’s hand… and then the struggles begins… and then everything crumbles.

// maybe the anger would visualize ass monsters that get out from their heads, and fight.

And then, this routine repeat with other games: Blocks, dolls, cushion house, cardboard toys, costumes, playground…

Until one day, when the fight were to begin, the sisters crossing their looks, and can achieve to see each other shine of their eyes, and then reach out her hands.

And because of this, the monster stops fighting between them and turns against the both girls. Who begin to fight together against the monsters. The monsters are now using the things the girls create before, against them.

And because of this begins a growing fight, the intensity increases. The monsters are now using the worst fears of the girls…

And finally the girls achieve to win. Everything is devastated, full of leftovers.

The girls look each other, the they smiles and began to play together, building up their fantasy world.



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