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Rick Quemado

Illustrator, comic/zine maker, daywalker



Two Door Cinema Club

"There's got to be a way to get work for doodling while listening to music!" 

I've texted that to friends in frustration over trying to live the freelance life. In hindsight, I always have to laugh to myself because getting paid or not, there's nothing really stopping me from doodling to music. Having found out about this class though, this kind of project seems like something I should have gotten into while in art school. Better late then never right?

I've always seen the printing side of screen printing because of friends who make shirts, so I'm really glad that this class exists to teach the other side of the process. 

Anyway, I chose the band Two Door Cinema Club as the subject for my poster because their album, Beacon, came out when I was debating to leave my day job to pursue art more seriously. The album has a feeling of longing for home that really got to me. It felt like the direct counter to the trapping nature of the day job I didn't enjoy. 

The idea I really wanted to pursue was the idea of a house of mirrors, but instead of mirrors, I'd try to trap someone with doors.

After going through the project videos, I realized I was trying to tackle this in an editorial sort of way. I think Jesse's idea of looking at other things outside of what you are working on is a great idea so I began looking at interior design blogs. Reading about how important space is, I shifted my idea to either building the band name with doors or using the negative space to spell the name. I think I picked the isometric thumbnail using negative space bcause i've never attempted anything like it before (and also because isometric drawings are always hot hot hot ha).

I had not realized how confusing this idea would be and it's quite apparent with the amout of white out

used in the sketch. Overall, I think I got an interesting shape blocked in and i'm happy with it.

Currently, I am in the inking phase and I have a few things I need to figure out still: 

What kind of doors? Shifting the "R" in door, up a little. What kind of ground plane? What elements are actually in here and what to seperate. I'm hopeful I can get to this phase knocked out soon and can get into the digital phase quickly.


Here is my line work digitized. I am a little upset with how it came out because it didn't align the way it looked in my sketch. The offset look is kind of charming but not intended. I think maybe the issue came because I inked my linework on tracing paper and the added noise might have interfered? Also, this was my first real crack at illustrator and this took much longer than I anticipated. Next step is to look up some color palettes that I think would fit with this band.


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