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Two Classes - The Art of the Process & Perfecting the Pen Tool

The Art of the Process Class:


The Art of the Process ||  Learning to Let Go with Alcohol Inks

This course will discuss enjoying the process and allowing yourself to let go of control with a medium (and still get beautiful results!).  As a creative, it is sometimes difficult for me to let go and trust the process, but it is also so important -- and some of my favorite works are those that were 'happy accidents.'  We will explore what it means to let go and learn some ways to work with alcohol inks along the way.  

As a class project, I will ask students to share a time they were able to let go and enjoy the process, and what that outcome was.  Or -- to share something they'd like to be able to let go of.

The final deliverable will be to share the alcohol ink art that is created via my instruction.


Class outline:


Would love to know your thoughts - thanks!




I have an old class that I haven't finished that I will come back to, but I have a new idea I'd like to finish and publish first.

Title for first (unpublished) class:  Perfecting the Pen Tool || Drawing a Self Portrait in Illustrator

Here is my outline for unpublished class:

Based on this project I did when I was first learning how to work within Illustrator:


Please leave feedback if there is anything I should adjust.

Thanks :)


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