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Joshua Ganyon

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Two Cards, Two Pages

Thank you for a great class, Elisa! I've had tubes of watercolor for months but they've gone unused because I didn't have any idea how to go about using them. I had no idea they could be dried into a palette. They're now much more transportable and easier to use.

 I've cancelled all my other plans to do watercolor all day. Here's what I've done:


Here is the rough color guide I made using the 12 colors I had on hand.


I couldn't think of what to write for a holiday card for a friend - so I painted her bunny instead! I loved the splattering in purple I made using the technique you suggested.


I also wanted to make a holiday card for my grandparents - I wish it had come out a bit more elegant but the light was very dim in the cafe I made it in. 


These are the first two additions to my sketchbook. The left is my puppy, Bourbon! He likes to snuggle up on pillows and stay there for a while, so it gave me a chance to capture him using the pen-sketch method suggested in the videos. On the right, I then tried a male figure study using pencil instead of pen. I had fun experimenting with blending as I worked from light to dark - I'm sure the contours will look more professional as I continue to practice.

I'm excited to continue learning about this medium as I fill up my sketchbook!




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