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Two-Bit Goods



Two-Bit Goods

Name :  John Branek

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Brand Name: Two-Bit Goods.

Slogan/Mission Statement"Created To Be Destroyed."



Images of Collection CADs:

Some samples I've ran 

Gettin island love! 

Image of branded "Car" extra credit deliverable:

Process work, "About":

"…take what other people do, make it better, give it back so we all rise further."

-Rodney Mullen

Growing up in Los Angeles, CA the Skateboarding lifestyle inspired me. From a young age I have been proud to call myself a part of the skate community. It represents me as an individual. It was a big part of my identity then and still is today. The mission of Two-Bit Goods is to give back to that same community.

Skateboarding is a lifestyle, an outlook, an attitude. It’s a rebellious do it yourself culture. Most importantly, it is a way to communicate. Giving two people from opposite ends of the globe a common language to speak. They can identify themselves not only by being on a board but by the clothes they wear.

I want to create something people can be proud to put on; something that represents who they are and what they are about. I want to give back to the community that has played such a huge role in my life. It is about unity, "We" instead of "I".

Two-Bit Goods is giving back.


EMAIL: [email protected]


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