Two Apples & A Banana

Two Apples & A Banana - student project

I'd like to start by thanking you Leah for this fun class!
I used gouache a couple of years back but for some reason switched to acrylic and haven't touched a gouache tube since. I've been trying to get back into it and this class provided the best way to do so! 

I looked in my fridge and only found a red apple, a yellow apple, and a lonely super ripe banana so there wasn't really a variety in colors but that was ok.

I started with the wet-on-wet technique and drew some apples from different sides and angles. It felt more like watercolor and there were lots of happy surprises in the process that turned out very nicely. I placed them on a tablecloth to give the apples more weight and dimension.

 Two Apples & A Banana - image 1 - student project


Next, I tried the graphic style and switched to the yellow apple. I'm more familiar with this style so it wasn't that difficult and I added a greenish background to make the apples pop 

Two Apples & A Banana - image 2 - student project


Finally, I combined all the happy fruit in the last exercise for the still life and mixed the positions of the fruit to get different angles. I really enjoyed the linework part of the exercise and felt it added some character and uniqueness to the painting. 

Two Apples & A Banana - image 3 - student project


In the end, I was very happy with the results and found that gouache is actually a fun and easy medium to use (contrary to what I thought when I first started using it). Overall, I feel more comfortable now with it. I'd love to hear thoughts about my results :D