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Quentin Ames

Graphic Design / Illustration




I chose twitter. I kind of made light of our constant connectivity and lack of personal space that social media, as a whole, provides.

This is due to that fact that many of us tend to overshare.

There is also a sense of personal bubble invasion that happens due to social media.

We also end up with a lot of friends or followers that we may not even really be friends with, yet they know what we did last night. 

Here is my project with no blending and no filters. Don't be afraid to like it!


Here is my project with just a multiply effect on...


And here is my actual advert. I didn't use any misregristration. I was liking the way my colors looked without the knock outs. Lets just pretend it was printed on this color of paper. 


Thanks for checking it out. Now go follow me on Twitter, Dribbble and Instagram ;) (seriously though!) 



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