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I chose the Twister film poster to do a redesign for. 

After doing a list of verbs and nouns for the film I tried to think of more complex stories in the film rather than just the destructive force of the tornado. I settled on two themes 1. the sense of adventure and bravery that comes with storm chasers and 2. the ominous nature of tornados and lack of tornado warnings that the film's protagonists are trying to gather data on to improve. 

Here are the sketches of my ideas, I was trying to play around with the idea of simplifying the tornado or trying not to put it in at all to get a more original poster. 


I settled on two ideas. One that conveys the sense of adventure with the storm chasers heading straight into the tornado. The other focuses on the idea of the ominous tornado coming for an unsuspecting family like the lead character in the film experiences. 



I tried adding a splash of colour with the headlights but not sure it works. 

I dont normally work in digital so its not very clean cut but would appreciate any suggestions for improvements. 



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