Twinsanity - student project

Twinsanity is what my sista and I call the weird, creepy things we often do.  For my skillshare project I decided (90%) to make shipping labels. We're both regular shippers and are currently on opposite coasts so this project seems destined to be. Telepathy doesn't always work :)

Without getting into too many of the quirks: The aesthetic I'm hoping to achieve is one that's complimentary between image and type. Mirror images & pairs.


I'm inspired by Psycheledic posters + oldschool apothecary labels. I also threw in those crayon boxes because they're pretty sweet. 

Twinsanity - image 1 - student project

more mood: I've joined pinterest...


Twinsanity - image 2 - student project

kinda-sorta progress on version 1: I'm refining the type around the figures but still need to add some more of the (apothecary inspired) elements around and then line it a little better. 

Twinsanity - image 3 - student project


Gasp, I've been so…preocupied with life… gasp. 


Twinsanity - image 4 - student project

snailmail. style. center image detail

Twinsanity - image 5 - student project