Emily Schaefer

DAAP Student & Designer




Hey There! 

First of all, thanks for teaching us DKNG, you guys rock! 

This is a personal project I'm working on for my co-worker and I. We happen to look very similar, and it's very common for co-workers to confuse us for each other. I took inspiration from the playing cards and decided to make us a cool logo! I'm planning on animating it to spin in an endless loop so we can use it in our e-mail signatures. :)  (The E and the M stand for Emily and Megan) 

I had a lot of fun experimenting with the custom stroke patterns! It's my favorite new trick and has already saved me a ton of time. (I'm still experimenting with it though) 

I also used global colors to make it more original. I started with the same colors from the DKNG playing cards, but I think the pink fits better with my personality. 


Feel free to make suggestions for how to make this piece even better! I was thinking the next step might be to cover it with a textured layer?  







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