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Twin Serpents

Twin Serpents

Join Good, Join Evil, Join or Die.

Who's behind Twin Serpents?

Hello, identify yourselves. Twin Serpents is a brand run by two brothers from Northern Killafornia. Although it may seem like our brotherly love inspired the logo, it wasn't. Even since I was a little kid I kept drawing snakes and remeber being afraid of them. This fear led me to draw them over and over which I guess it worked as a therapy. I kept reading about snakes and little by little I started learning about their symbolism. The logo should've been three snakes as snakes represent Good, Evil and Neutralism. We decided to just stick with Good & Evil.

Thoughout history Serpents have been regarded as mystical animals inspiring hundreds if not thousands of legends.  You're probably familiar with some of these stories. There's Medusa, Quetzalcoatl, Typhon, Ophiuchus just to name a few. Most creatures involving Serpents were regarded as evil beings whilst in a few other cultures, Serpents were and still are regarded as protectors or even gods. We're all the same and we all have to make choices, we either do good or do evil and although science hasn't found the elixir of life, we can also reach immortality like the ouroboros through our legacy. Make your mark in this world but choose your path wisely.

The Evil-ution of our logo. Very different from when we started.

The first tees were all logo based.

When we began, we were doing everything. Art, screenprinting, fulfilling orders, running the site and everything else. We both had day jobs and relationships, we needed to delegate. Little by little we started working with amazing artists from around the world. Artists from UK, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, Romania, USA and Mexico. I still do some desings but the better ones are from my artsy friends.

Some of our Designs



Iridescent Messenger

Join or Die

La Parca


The Styx

The Ghostslinger

No Trust

Red Heaven

Currently working on our most ambitious release to date which will focus more on the aspects of Good VS Evil and not so much on snake mythology. The Serpent will keep making appearances on the backstories but not so much on the designs.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Stay Venomous.



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