Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks - student project

Twin Peaks - image 1 - student projectFinally added the custom font for twin peaks! I didn't want to re-create the "Welcome to" font so I found a font similar in style =) Now just to figure out the background texture. It appears to be a photo, so I am not sure how to finish this off! haha


So I have just also moved houses and it has taken me nearly 10 days to have everything back up and running so I am SUPER behind. This is my progress so far. I have watched nearly all the video tutorials but I am needing some help in some areas so I may post that in the Q&A section =)Twin Peaks - image 2 - student projectTwin Peaks - image 3 - student project

Brand new to Illustrator! Coming from Architecture.... Have ALWAYS wanted to know Illustrator as I am a photoshop user! =)
I want to start with something not to daunting for my first poster. Favorite color is red, so this suites! YAY!