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Twin Peaks – Agent Cooper's dream

Hello ! 

Like everyone here, I sure am a big fan of TV shows. Yet, it is pretty rare that I come across a show that I will really love instead of watching it to avoid boredom. I recently decided to watch the full seasons of Twin Peaks and I have to say that I don't know why I didn't did it sooner. I completely fell in love with this piece of art : the colors, actors, mysteries and humor, I wouldn't change a thing. 

There are so many scenes of TP I would like to illustrate but if I had to choose, well, it would be this one :

This scene takes place in episode two where Agent Cooper, in charge of the Laura Palmer's murder case, dreams about a dwarf and a giant. This scene is major one because it gives all the clues to Cooper to solve his case. As a viewer, you don't know it yet, but every detail means something and will lead to the big answer. 

And, well, this is certainly one of the best moment of TV of all time.


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