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Twin Column

Name: Cameron Marzahl

Location: Seattle

Brand: Twin Column

Slogan: 1. Mercurial Made, Mercurial Grade

                 Mercurial: pertaining to the god Mercury, quick-witted, eloquent

              2. Trade Travel Thieve

                 Hermes (Mercury) is the Messenger of the Gods, Patron of Trade, and King of Thieves.






Twin Column is the design platform of a 20-year old, self taught designer from Seattle who currently attends Willamette University. From design, marketing, photography, sales... everything for the brand is done by one person.

Based off Gemini, the Twins or Two Columns, Twin Column is the manifestation of my thoughts, experiences, and interests. Much of the brand's basis comes from the fact that I am a Gemini and everything that surrounds being a Gemini. Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury is also known as Hermes or Thoth depending on the culture you look at.       

Twin Column has a clean, simple aesthetic that manages to stay interesting.


Twin Column x Raider Klan

6oz Cotton Shirts (AAA)

10oz Cotton Sweats (AAA)



Key Nyata in the BMW Raglan





275 = BRK = Blackland Raider Klan

For the Raider Klan collab I reimagined their logo.. I remade the Pharaoh to that match Twin Column's style. I placed the mercurial symbol at the crest of the Pharaoh's head.

I used Raider Klan Hieroglyphics to spell everything; O's & E's are X's, A's & U's are V's.


Twin Column x Mister SFC

Drops September or October.

8oz Egyptian Cotton Shirts

Embroidered designs



A theme that I started and like to work with is the Cult of Mercury

Balmain font and Bulgari's "V" to make this look more high-end.

Mercurial Symbol on back right.

"TW IN" Sleeve .. Trade, Travel, Thieve on the chest

"CU LT" Sleeve .. Mercurial symbol on the chest

"TTT" Sleeve ... Crosses representing "Trade, Travel, Thieve"


Logo Flips

 Mercury instead of Medusa

Starting in F/W 2013, all products will be made with Egyptian Cotton.

Shirts will be 8oz, Sweatshirts 12oz.



Trade Travel Thieve



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