Twin Cities Literary Calendar

Twin Cities Literary Calendar  - student project


The Twin Cities Literary Calendar app will provide listings of daily literary events in the Twin Cities, and will have a searchable interface to help you find the listing for a specific event.  The search function will let you browse by author, venue, event, or date.

UPDATE 2/15/13:

I've built the first screen (top left) with some basic funcitonality, but as of now I'm only sending the button pressed messages to the NSLog.  I've built up an NSMutableArray with my event objects, and so that's cool to press the button and see a list of events return.

Eventually I'll incorporate a google calendar-based API to communicate with our webserver, and as soon as I learn how to make a "putton pressed" action launch a new page of the app, I'll start displaying my current NSLog info as a table on a new screen.


Twin Cities Literary Calendar  - image 1 - student project

These are the three primary pages I have in mind: (from left) a home page where users can choose to view the current day's events or search for a specific event; the "today's events" page which will pull data from an online database (more on that later); and on the right the search menu.

The search menue provides parameters of the online database.  Selecting any of these tabs will send you first to a seach page and that search will send you to a results page:

Twin Cities Literary Calendar  - image 2 - student project

For the "Genre" search parameter, several pre-selected genre options will be available to minimize confusion:

Twin Cities Literary Calendar  - image 3 - student project

For the "Date" search function, a scroller will appear:

Twin Cities Literary Calendar  - image 4 - student project


The TCLC is an existing website, but I think it would be more powerful and useful if it had increased funcitonality on a moble platform.  Currently, hundreds of literary events occur throughout the Twin Cities every month at various venues: libraries, bookstores, churches, community centers, bars, college campuses...  More than a dozen different reading series host events around town in various locations. Fiction writers, poets, lecturers, children's books.  All sorts of events. 

I want my app to present a highly searchable calendar of event listings, with multiple searchable attributes: if they want to see all of the upcoming events at one location, or by one reader, or of one reading series, they could select their search criteria (location, genre, keyword) and receive focused results.

A common imbeddable calendar works just fine for a chronological view of events, but only allows the host site to search by key terms.  Users cannot search by any attributes other than the specific calendar the event has been calssified as.  I would like this to be more flexible, more database-driven than list-driven.

With this funcitonality and information delivery as the foundation of the app, I think other aspects could easily follow: a comments section, photos or videos of past events, write-ups and recaps, etc.  But to begin, I'd like to develop a way to organize this data and deliver it to users as a visually appealing and highly searchable resource.

Robert Martin

Editorial Assistant, Rain Taxi Review of Books