Twin Babies

Twin Babies - student project

Wow, what an incredible lesson! Someone asked me to paint her adorable twin babies. I was terrified, because twins are tough - you can kinda compare them side by side to find exactly where I went wrong. So, of course, off to Skillshare I went in hunt for an appropriate lesson. And found this! Yeah! The instructor rocks and her handouts (a textbook, almost!) are helpful.


The violet underpainting is absolutely genius.


I am still climbing the learning curve, because the babies came out looking muddy (arrggghhh, I know we are SUPPOSED to make mud, but I don't want to make it so the babies look as if they're splattered with mud!)


As recommended, I started with PV23 because I ACTUALLY DO HAVE A PV23 TUBE! That's the only paint I already had out of the list of recommended paints. What another genius step to focus on the paint codes, not the names. I usually go off on flights of fancy when buying based on paint names (but I need not to tell you how many times I was sorely disappointed at how the beautiful color name doesn't match up with the actual paint color - it gets pretty embarrassing. I'm looking at you, 50% off coupons to crafts stores).


Twin Babies - image 1 - student project


Looking at that value study, I realized I was too heavy-handed in some areas (upper right forehead on right baby) and too tame in other areas (shaded area under right baby's chin). And what's up with squinty eyes? I definitely have problems painting eyes in shadow.


Then, I realized I don't have that beautiful red (PR700) so I improvised, mixing together some ochre and vermillion.


Twin Babies - image 2 - student project

Then I went on to add some other colors. Prussian blue, some kind of yellow....Twin Babies - image 3 - student project


After peeling off the masking tape, I added payne's gray to make the shadows even darker. And went around, adding and removing a tiny bit of details.


And there you have it. A pair of adorable, but a bit squinty and very muddy, babies.

Twin Babies - image 4 - student project



I'll try doing this painting again, fixing these squinty eyes and use a bit of lighter hand with the underpainting around the cheek area.


If there's something you've observed that would help my painting come out much better, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!!!