Twigs and Buds

Twigs and Buds - student project

Hi Julia!

Thank you so much for teaching this class. I really enjoyed watching you work and I just loved the way you explained everything. You're super chill personality really inspired me to trust myself and just go for it. This is the first project I have uploaded to SkillShare. 

I have been doodling patterns in my sketchbook for a few weeks now, but nothing seemed right. Your class taught me to think about the objects I draw first and the placement second (the cutting, taping and then drawing again). I loved what I came up with, and hope to make more patterns in the near future. I was so proud of my pattern, I even uploaded it to Society6. 

Hope you like it! 


Twigs and Buds - image 1 - student projectTwigs and Buds - image 2 - student projectTwigs and Buds - image 3 - student projectTwigs and Buds - image 4 - student project


Raquel Busa
Queer Illustrator