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TwentyOnePilots Circles

Final Designs on Mock-Up Shirts:

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to play with circles and also experiment with distressing and making my own brushes in Photoshop. After doing a few circles, I started with my first design for the shirt.

While I liked the idea of the circles pulling out from the main logo, arranging the outlined text in an arc was too difficult to read and, overall, I thought the design was too busy. So, I started to pull back and try different ways of doing the design, and then branching out from there to create more variations of that branch.

I was stuck on the idea of overlapping the text with the circles for a while and was working to find the best image there. I kept running images past some friends to see what caught their eye best, and one of my original three came up on the screen and they loved that. 

So, I started playing with cutting out parts of the circles, and then worked to package the 'power to the local dreamer' text in a way to mirror the twenty one pilots logo. After getting that all arranged the way I wanted, I worked in photoshop to design my own brushes, which ended up being pretty cool and an awesome way to further make the artwork my own. I had to do a lot of trial and error in photoshop to get a level of distressing that was far enough for the feel I wanted without making the design completley fall apart, but I think I finally found the happy medium.

I revised the first design according to comments as well:


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