Twenty by the Ten

My ten-year college reunion is in October.  

Call it vanity, pride, or good old schadenfreude -- I want to look as good as I feel.  I have a good job that finally came to a promotion.  I love my husband.  Together we make great food and enjoy great meals.

So why am I putting up with this muffin top and submitting to the Unfit Pale Gamer stereotype?

I think, then, these are the steps I need to take.

  1. Replenish my depleted supply of sports bras.  Really big deal here -- before my promotion, I was struggling to pay the bills, but now I can afford them.
  2. Track calories consumed.  Also a big deal.  The city I live in loves to eat out, and I admit to falling into that trap.  But then there are nights like yesterday where my husband I made a big vat of an amazing beef barley soup, so I need to also
  3. Remember that amazing meals can also be had at home, and they will also be healthier.
  4. Stop treating exercise like it's something vile, like calling my mother.  I always feel good afterwards, so why is it so hard for me to get up and do it?
  5. Fall back in love with yoga again, and consider running.


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