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Twenty One

After listening to Tyler's interview and doing some research on shirts their fans are wearing, I had a few ideas to work with. After try to work out some ideas, I chose a couple of designs to continue the project.

One of the first things that stood out visually to me was the mask icon. It's such an integral part of Twenty One Pilots that I figured it is as – perhaps even more – significant as the logo.

Another idea that really stuck out was the negative space that Tyler mentioned during the interview. Even though Tyler did say he didn't necessarily want his tattoos to represent the band, I found that a couple of his tattoos had an interesting use of negative space so I did something inspired by that. I don't think it's a direction that they have gone before, but it would be interesting to take a look at.

This one was a random one that I made based on the research I did of the stuff that Tyler and Josh wear. I thought it would be a fun shirt and since baseball is in season, why not make a "shirsey".

Of course I had to work with the logo. I tried to incorporate some negative space and these shirts are the result of that.

Now for my last idea, I took that "rastafarian" idea and sort of "Twenty One Pilots-ed" it. Grabbing some inspiration from that Adidas kind of look, I put a little modern twist to it and come up with these bars.

With all the shirts I created, I chose to go with simpler concepts because I thought they would stand out clearly while still creating opportunities for conversations. These shirts' designs are influenced by what I would wear – I would for sure wear those bar shirts!

I would greatly appreciate some feedback! Let me know what you think!


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