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Twenty One Skeletons

For this project I was really inspired by what Tyler said about creating a design that could potentionally start a converstation with someone. This is the first time I've really used adobe illustration and photoshop. So although I had a few days of frustration and some yelling, I loved creating projects based on how I look Tyler's vision, and seeing what everyone else did.


Logo Masked: I first came up with the idea of actually putting the mask logo over the bars logo. I wanted to create the idea of the eye hole of the mask replacing the middle bar. I felt stuck on what else to do to it so that it wouldn't be too plain. But while creating ideas I've wanted to put Columbus, OH and Est. 2009 into one of them, and I felt it actually fit best for this one. To me, this look creates an original feel to the logos. With all of it combined it felt like a real brand and really captured Twenty One Pilots without using their name in their. 

Skeleton Logo: I was inspired by the way Twenty One Pilots incorporates skeletons. When fans go to their shows they feel part of the "skeleton clique" as they call themselves, and use their hands to create Twenty One Pilot's logo. So I used both ideas to make the skeleton hands showing their logo. Becuase of the details in the hands I wanted to keep the rest simple and not add too much else. The design is something that fans would know and understand and it could start a conversation with someone outside of the fan base who is unfamiliar with them.

TOP: This design I really aimed for going for a conversation starter. Anyone outside of the fan base would wonder why the shirt says TOP or what TOP stands for. It also gets not only their logo out there, but also their slogan "Power To The Local Dreamer". I wanted to keep all of this simple, so that way TOP could be the main focus.

When I drew out the design for the Skeleton Logo I was actually planning to go for a rectangle behind everything and the logo behind the hands to go for an X ray screen look. I was inspired by their song Screen, so I wanted to go for a story behind it of fans having this screen on their chest and inside them you see Twenty One Pilot's logo. I feel as though I stuck to my design in a way, but of course while executing it, keeping it more simple and have just the hands looked the best.


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