Twenty One Pilots

updated: 2/2

Here are my mock-ups! If you have any feedback, it would be very helpful. Thanks!

updated: 1/31

For my previous designs, I have made a few changes and I'm curious if they're better or not.

- This first design is the same as what I posted before except I changed the top font. Is this font better?

- The second design is much like the first one I created, but I made the focus on their symbol and added two masks, representing Tyler and Josh. I personally like this one better but what do you think?

- The third design is like a previous one, but I have the print going in a full circle. I think this is better than the sideways print.

I would really appreciate some advice from Brandon, and I would love some comments and feedback from all of you as well! 


When I heard about this class, I was so excited. Although this is my first project, I am very interested in it. Being a fan of this band for such a long time hopefully will help with my ideas for this project.

My sketches were not worth uploading, so heres some of my first trys in Illustrator.

- I feel like I'm missing something in the first one. Do you like the font choice or should I find a bolder or bigger font to take up a little more space?

- I like the second one, but not sure about the band name. I tried to make it a little different, but is it too different?

- I just added the third one and I think it uses a lot of negative space, but it also seems a little too simple. Not sure about that one yet.

- This is another new one and I like that it's different, but not sure if it flows well. I can't tell if the words being sideways is too distracting, but I think it would start a conversation.

Any comments/feedback would be great!




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