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Twenty One Pilots

I heard twenty one pilots on the radio for the first time early last year and when i saw them at firefly, they became an instant favorite of mine so this is an awesome project to work on regardless of the outcome. 

I wanted to get these up even though I started on some versions within illustrator. And even changed direction on some of them too - i've realized i do that a lot. 

I really wanted to focus on the negative space, shapes and the idea of having someone ask questions/evoke a conversations. I was going to attempt the plane but after reading a few comments I see thats a "no, no". haha. The last peice would be the reggae version. 

These arent much in terms of sketches - sorry if they arent too clear. Working on my sketch game. 

Again, i know these arent that clear - any feedback would be great!

2/5/14 Mock Ups (updated 2/7/14)

First off, this was such an awesome project to work on. I certainly spent more time on this than i planned to also. Learned a lot of little things that helped me work faster and more efficiently.

I took a bunch of my sketches and headed into illustrator and one thing lead to another and I ended with 12 designs. I wanted to focus on some key aspects from the interview with Tyler.

  • Negative space
  • Shapes (in many ways, VERY simple shapes)
  • Start a conversation (“What does that mean?”)
  • A shirt that anyone can just throw on and go (not even thinking about it)
  • Tyler mentioned “The simplest shirt, with the band name” ← This stuck with me and was key to what i tried to go for.

Once I got those out of my system I shifted over to more type related designs based on some feedback I got from a close friend/fellow designer.

Above all, I wanted something that I would actually want to buy if I came across the tee on a table at a show. A lot of solid work from everyone in the class. It’s been great couple of weeks!

These circles, combined, make up the logo

This one was inspired by Tyler's tattoo, took the lines and ran with it. 

Here I went for almost a flag style symbol. The flag for all the Twenty one pilot fans.

Here's a more centered version, with a spin on the negative space.

A play on audio/sound

Here I wanted to focus on the mask, the local dreamer line and type with and without texture.

Here i went for a comination of the mask and type.

Thanks for scrolling down! Much appreciated! Thanks

Feedback welcomed as always!



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