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Twenty One Pilots Tee

In watching the client interview, I walked away with a few key ideas to keep in mind as i started sketching.

• Start Conversation

• Grab Some Elses' Attention

• Represent Band In Best Light

Sketching Process: 

1. Pyramid Tent (camp scene) 

    I wanted to be playful and combine the logo, and the fan created gang symbol, and a

    playful scene that grabs the attention of any curious on-looker.

2. Gang symbol and plain text.

    Implimenting Negative space for Band-Text. 

3. Cartoon Scene (bottom photo, bottom composition)

    A playful scene of a police man holding up the gang symbol instead of a gun, pointing it

    at a robber wearing the iconic ski-mask that is apart of TOP's branding. I thought that

    this was a fun and silly scene that would just grab anyone's attention. Filled with

    symbols only a fan would understand, this would be a humorous t-shirt fit for any

    audience. (Japanese or American) 

4. Crew Shirt 

    Front side would have the ski-mask icon on the right brest with the phrase "power to the

    local dreamer" and the back side would have the band logo, band name, and their

    origin and establishment date.


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