Twenty One Pilots Tee

UPDATE 01/29/14

Had a few minutes to work out some option for the stacked version. These executions were pretty quick, which is why I did this one first. More to come in the next couple days. Thanks in advance for any and all input.

I explored the stacked concept in circles, squares and just letters. The circle and square version speaks to the negative space. I think I am leaning more towards the circles in rows of 3 in color, but would love to hear your thoughts.


So to be honest before this class I was only vaguely familar with Twenty One Pilots. I spent some time listening to their music and watching videos, to try and get a feel for the band. Their music actually falls right into what i listen to and I appreciate that they have Midwestern roots.

After watching the interview between Tyler and Brandon I reviewed my notes and starting some sketching/further research. It was clear that Tyler was okay with moving beyond the logo tee. The logo will live on my designs, but become a secondary visual on almost all of my ideas. This could mean it is smaller in the design or possibly on the back, etc.

One thing I took away from the interview is that Tyler said they want to make people think when it comes to their music. I tried to conept some ideas that might start a conversation, if you saw a friend wearing one these designs. I remember tyler mentioning negative space, so I will definitely explore these reversed out too. I know Tyler mentioned that what he had been writing recently had more of a raggae vibe, but I wasn't exaclty sure if he was saying he wanted his merch to have that same vibe. If they do want to expand on the red, white and blue color pallette, I can definitely incorporate some different colors into these concepts.

1. Abstract Sketchy - The idea here is to create some lettering that is a bit more abstract. Maybe you aren't quite sure what it says upon first glance. This could be a clean execution or perhaps an aggressive brush stroke.

2. Plane Wing Badge - Simple idea of incorporating their logo into the stars and bars badge.

3. Circle One - Circle/badge execution that could resemble a bullet shell.

4. Circle Two - Another circle/badge iteration.

5. Circle Three - This would be more abstract. The idea of using the circle to infuence some of the strokes of this script lettering.

6. Stacked - This would be a stacked version of the name, breaking it up into 4 letters at a time. It would prob make the most sense to do this in three colors, to separate the words out. It could start or end with their logo.

7. Arch - Simple handlettered lockup. I would prob try to bring in some more character to the letters with modern flourishes or terminals.

8. Graffiti Script - Pretty self-explanatory. Would probably try and push this a little more abstract as well. Not to the point of illegibity, but just more style.

9. Overlayed - Bold number 21 in white with some script lettering over the top in blue or red. The Pilots type would be a dimensional lettering using both colors I think.

10. Ribbon Script - This one still needs a lot of work, but the idea of a red, white and blue ribbon script. I envision this on a black shirt, so I could use the tee color as shading. I think this could be a really cool idea.

Would definitely love any and all feedback and I am excited to get strated cleaning a couple of these up!



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