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Twenty One Pilots Tee Design

While watching the interview between Brandon and Tyler, I was taking several notes on the direction I thought Tyler was wanting to go with for the new merch. He definitely threw a curve ball when he said that the new music was going to have a reggae vibe to it. I had absolutely no idea how I could incorporate reggae in with the already established TOP merch themes.

I did a little bit of research and decided to settle on the idea of the Rastafari lion. However, instead of a lion, I chose to go with a wolf. Wolves are interesting in that they can be associated with togetherness due to the fact that they live in packs but the wolf can also be associated with the phrase "lone wolf." This drew me to the idea of a wolf even further because of the phrase "Power to the local dreamer" that Tyler was thinking of continuing for the new merch.

After playing around with several ideas on how to incorporate a wolf in with my design, I decided to go with the negative space idea that Tyler mentioned. I used the triangle to help frame in the wolf's face and also include the shape of the wolf's head as the negative space. The two ski masks are used to represent the wolf's eyes but they also represents Josh and Tyler as they are positioned on stage. The underlying orange triangle is meant to help draw more attention to the wolf. It pops against the blue while remaining under the blue triangle.

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