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Twenty One Pilots Shirt

Played around with the paint textures on my first design a bit more and mocked up all three onto shirts. 


Messed around some more with the bar logo design, making the paint lines less tidy. I'm still not totally happy with it, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Also decided to play about with the ski mask logo and some watercolour splatter brushes, I'm liking these quite a lot. I think the white on white one especially would look good for spring/summer. 


Spent this evening playing around with my first couple of ideas in photoshop. I quite like how they're looking so far. 


First off, apologies for the crappy phone photo, I really need to invest in a new scanner! 

1. I was going for a really simple logo design here, but with a lean towards to reggae influence by making the lines look like paint roller streaks. I think it's a little too simple though.

2. Again sticking with the paint roller idea, but thinking about negative space here. The idea being that the lettering/logo look like wax relief with the paint stripes in the band colours over them (either red, white, blue or red, black, blue depending on the main shirt colour). I put Synchronicity my notes next to this as it reminded me of the album art for The Police album.

3. I was thinking in patterns and colours here, the pattern is made of of the phrase "Power To The Local Dreamer" written in blue Kanji script  and red is used to bring out the shape of the ski mask logo within the pattern. 

4. The lion is a pretty common symbol in reggae and is also mentioned in the lyrics to Migraine ("suicidal crazed lions"). Having looked at the one a bit more, I think maybe more abstract lines would work better than flowing ones. 

5. I'm scraping this idea after seeing the other notes from Brandon about planes/pilots.

6. This idea was a bit of a curveball, playing on my personal knowledge of the band. I did a couple of pieces of art for the band last year (just as a gift from a fan) using old school tattoo style and lyrics that Tyler thought were pretty cool. The bands fans/fanclub are known at the Skeleton Clique so I was playing around with the idea of mixing the ski mask design with a skull and adding a banner with the text "Power To The Local Dreamer".

I'm pretty much a novice with Ai, I tend to spend more time on Photoshop, so this should be a fun learning curve for me if nothing else! 


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