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Twenty One Pilots | Power To The Local Dreamer Tee

Class Notes:

I started off watching the video to learn who Tyler and Twenty One Pilots were. I listened to his interview with Brandon first and got an idea of who he was (off stage if you will) and what he was looking for. I took down some notes that I thought would help brainstorm some ideas. Here were a few: 

  1. Tee design = Convo starter / How?/ Why?
  2. Liked the logo but didn't want it to be constrictive
  3. Wanted a distinct mark (convo starter)
  4. Negative Space
  5. New music style: Reggae

From here I decided to look them up on YouTube and listen to a couple of their songs. I hadn't heard of them until this class but they definitely have a unique sound / style. I feel like Tylers thought process can be heard through his music as well. He wants a design that is thought provoking and their music is the same way. I started to think of a few things based off of the keynotes I got from his interview. I liked the idea of negative but was thrown off by the reggae idea. It seems like there's a certain look to reggae and I wasn't sure how it would be conveyed on their merch. So here's some ideas I started to play with....


1. Negative Space Sketch - Similar to how you can scribble over a quarter under a piece of paper. I thought about doing something like this with their main band logo or ski mask logo. 

2. Curved Type Lock Up - Just a simple lock up with TwentyOne arched on the top and pilots below it. Then placing the logo in the middle and curving the slogan below it. 

3. Bold Pilot - Another lock up without the curved text and the word text being centered around “Pilots.”

4. Fist Logo - I thought about the slogan "Power To The Local Dreamer" and I pictured someone putting their fist into the air. I pictured the fist being created in a more block style then placing the logo on the back of the hand. The slogan would arch across the top and the band name would arch below the fist or vice versa.

5. Grunge Type- This one is pretty straight forward. Although the type doesn't look much like what I have in mind, I think some rough/painted looking type could work well by itself large on a tee.

6. Mirror Type - This was kind of a long shot but I had this idea of the text  “Twenty” being split in half and “Pilots” being flipped below it. Then in the middle just having "one" being shown through the two.

7. Rectangle Lock Up - For this I thought about how rectangles were brought up as an ideal shape for a tshirt, so I placed the logo large and in the center and created a frame around it. One top would be the band logo and on the bottom the slogan.

There were a few ideas I had thought about when starting but decided they weren't as strong.

Thanks for looking!

First Iterations:

Here are my first iterations of the rectangle lock up. I just wanted to get the feel for it and I think I like the direction of it so far. I was starting to question a few things about it and found myself adding too much to it. I remembered Brandon said to stop before you got to that point so I left it as is. I'll revisit these after I try another concept and see how I feel about them. 



First Iteration (EDITS): I took Brandon's latest notes and updated the second design. I added some more elements to the piece and moved the bands name to the top. Lastly, I added a light texture to the whole piece. I think I'm done with this iteration!

Second Iteration: I decided to try the concept of the negative space "scribble" logos. On this one I used the mask mark. I tried it in booth red and blue.


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