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Twenty One Pilots Merch


Executions -

This is my frist Skillshare, and it has really been a great experience so far. It's awesome to have such in depth direction from a client, other than just "make something cool, I trust you.." One of the things this Skillshare has done is push me to thumbnail. I'm all about getting straight to the computer and letting things happen.


From the interview, I took away these key points - Start a conversation, incorporate logo, negative space, simple, 2 members in the band. I didn't know much about the band, so learning there were 2 members was quite interesting and I tried playing off of that in some of my designs. I haven't looked at everyones sketches, so if an idea was already thrown out there, my bad!

1 - Negative Space Logo - This design doesn't come off well on paper, but this plays off the point of negative space and simple logo shirt. The logo would read from the color of the shirt by using the logo behind and pushed down a bit. Hopefully that makes sense. Ha.

2 - Duality - This idea came about from the simple logo tee and playing off the 2 members. Splitting the ski mask logo down the middle, the left side will be blue, the right side red, and the bands name placed down the middle. I'm thinking "twenty" in white to grab attention at the top of the shirt, "one" in blue" and "pilots" in red.

3 - Obey - This was another design playing off the logos and the 2 members. I invisioned it to be similar to an OBEY poster. Honestly, it was the only thing I came up with as a name. 

4 - Scratch Mask - I'm a huge spider-man fan. What doesn't this have to do with this you ask? Well, Marc Webb posted "tags" of the spider symbol throughout New York when his first film came out. I also was a fan of how the kid drew the bat symbol in The Dark Kngiht Rises. So, it sparked an idea that this ski mask symbol could be crudely drawn in a way for some hand made "tags" Not sure if the band name would fit into this design or not.

5 - Marker Symbol - Similar to #4, this would be a marker drawn version of the bar symbol, but sporting the colors they have been designated.

6 - Overlay Mask - This is again playing off the 2 members and the ski mask logo. The eye sockets would connect on the two overlaying masks. Left side would be blue, right side would be red, and where the masks overlay would be white. Band name up top?


I tried putting some different styles into my sketches. I like messing with markers, textures, and all the dirty things but tried to push myself doing some more clean oriented designs. I still think some texture would be good, but not as heavy as I typically work. I've already pushed myself to think about a concept and how to strip it down the the bare necessary pieces. Most of the time I'm just out to make "something cool", but recently I've been drawn into simple, concept oriented band tees. 


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