Twenty One Pilots Band Tees

Update: Tee Mockups 

I put them on the tee mockups, but I tried some texture and didn't like it. I included two versions of the masks (one with texture, one without texture) but the texture is very minimal. The two things I'd like feedback on most are

1. In terms of screen printing, do I need the colors to not touch each other? I know Brandon said something about this in a few of the videos, but I wasn't sure how crucial this was, and I have no experience with screen printing. 

2. What does everyone think about texture/no texture? 

Thanks a bunch, everyone!

Update: First draft execution in Illustrator. 

I'd love general feedback, but I'm also unsure about the density of lines in #1-3. Should I have more lines, thicker lines...? I also ended up with two other ideas that I didn't sketch, #3-4, #5-6, so any feedback on those would be lovely. Thanks!

I love twenty one pilots, and I own a previous twenty one pilots band tee, so I was pretty familiar with previous merch as well as the band vibe before this class, but I am struggling with the brainstorming/sketching process. I figured I would upload designs as of now, with hopefully more and/or modified ones later. 

My sketches for 1 & 2 didn't really get the idea across well, so I did a very quick AI verson of those.

I tried to make them very straight forward and simple, because it was mentioned that those were the designs that sold well, but I'm not sure any of them have sufficient visual interest. I focused mostly on the negative space idea, with a tiny attempt at a more reggae vibe on #5.

If I were to execute #6 in AI, i would have more obvious brush strokes on the bottom left, as well as a more face-like shape on the left and right edges of the black blob. 


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