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Twenty One Pilots: Band Tees

Brandon pointed out my previous design had the band's name looking like an afterthought, so I took his advice about making "Twenty One Pilots" the same texture as the zig-zags... Minor tweak, but it does look better.

After getting some feedback it looked like #3 and #4 were the favorites. Here is what I came up with for #4. I have a clean version (no texture), but this textured/hand drawn version was my original idea for what I wanted it to look like:

Here are some close ups:

Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think.

Before starting this class I really had no idea who Twenty One Pilots were, or are! I headed to YouTube shortly after watching Brandon's interview with Tyler and started to listen to their music. "Holding On To You" was the first song I clicked, and I keep gravitating back to that song, so I'm glad I am in this class; found a new band and learning so much from Brandon already.

In my concept sketches I have tried to come up with some ideas that would excite me, yet still try and stay to Tyler's vision; negative space, a conversation starter, a simple design that just has the band name or Jamaican/Reggae styles, so listed below are some of the concepts I have come up with:

  1. This design is something simple that just has the band name, yet I went with Brandon's idea of being painted on a wall (I believe he said drips wouldn't look good, but it's something I would like to try!) Perhaps this is that direct way a fan could show the band they like or are in to?
  2. This is another simple band name shirt, but I want "Twenty" and "Pilots" to bleed into the black box to try and work with some negative space... I like this one, but perhaps I need to expand "one" outside the box to work with more negative space. I've also thought about using a tie dye texture for anything that is black to work in some of that Jamaican/Reggae feel.
  3. I wanted to incorporate some of the band's logos while trying to create a piece that could start a conversation. "What's the ski mask about?", or "What does TOP stand for?" I'm not sure if I can use the mask without the circular stroke around it, though.
  4. After researching some reggea patterns/art I noticed some patterns that had zig-zag lines in them, so I incorporated those, the other logo the band uses as well as Power To The Local Dreamer phrase in the center. I am looking to add texture to this and more of a hand drawn feel to it.

Let me know what you think of my ideas, and thanks for looking!


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