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Tweet 'n go

After quitting my job as a UX designer to focus on founding a technology startup, I decided that in the meantime i would start a small, 100% online,  bakery shop to help with day to day debts. I figured Twitter was a great place to start but it soon felt short when it came to actually take control of a social business.

Tweet 'n Go (code name) aims to become the link between the social world and small businesses in need of a more direct way to interact and sell to costumers. 

Business Owner perspective:

You will broaden your market, get more orders and work with a platform that will organise all of your tickets and sales in a very simple, straightforward manner.

Costumer perspective:

By simply typing a @username and a #hashtag next to your text you will be able to order food, book a table or maybe just get more info about the business.

Still a work in progress this is the overall idea.


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