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Tweet like a boss

Twitter for business

April 27th 2015

Twitter’s business goal in this email campaign is simple, to promote and provide a business solution to their business partners’ by way of their Twitter Ads. No unnecessary fluff here.

  • Twitter used a personable subject line speaking directly to the recipient of the email (me). Good use of my Twitter handle. SL: @aedris10, top 5 campaigns to Tweet like a boss
  • The pre-header text is straight to the point: "Set up a campaign today. Ads Grow your business Get started."
  • The image is clean, simple and aligned with the Twitter brand, look and feel. 
  • The body copy is clear and concise making the email easy to digest while retaining the reader’s attention.
  • CTA: "Get started" is placed twice strategically in the body of the email. At the top, just under the headline, “Grow your business” and again at the bottom just after Twitter provides five objectives for their business partners to consider for their campaigns.
  • The five objectives are clearly listed with great use of icon placement helping to communicate the purpose of the email.
  • At the bottom of the email, users are given the opportunity to unsubscribe, which in turn is helping Twitter maintain their subscriber lists with engaged consumers.

Feel free to provide your own point of view.


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