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Tuwhitt Tuwhoo - Here's Looking At You! Learn To Make Cute Polymer Clay Owls.

Hi Everyone,

I published my first class on 18th July and I am thrilled to have reached my first 25 students.  I marketed my class in a variety of ways.  I make polymer clay items, including buttons, and I have over 1000 followers on my button Facebook page.  I used that page to advertise my class and also to offer five free clay packs that contain enough clay to complete the first project.

As well as giving away five packs I loaded the same packs on my website for sale, and they are really good value so people can try the project for a lot less money than it would cost if they went to the store to buy the colours that they need.  I wanted to overcome the barrier of needing to outlay $10 - $20, particularly when you would only use a couple of cents worth of some of the colours.  I also loaded the packets for sale on Etsy, but I haven't sold any there yet. 

When I send out button orders, I include a teensy packet of black and white clay and a link to my class, so if people want to try it they only need to buy two colours of clay.

I created a QR code (below) which I include with the clay packet information.

I am really excited to be making lessons and have a million ideas for going forward.  Best wishes to everyone with their projects and classes.


About my class:

This beginner polymer clay class will teach you easy techniques for working with polymer clay to create repeatable, high quality items.  With your creations you can make buttons, hair clips, wine glass charms, brooches, earrings etc.

No experience or special equipment necessary.





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