Turtles!!! - student project

So, I tried to go deeper into hand lettering with this course and I really did. This was much more to do than my first try, and I am surprised of how much you can actually do with just one word! 

I chose the word "Turtle", just because I am currently sketching turtles anyway xD 

So, let me show you my sketches

Turtles!!! - image 1 - student project

So as you can see, I tried a bunch of different compositions for the paper and also some different lettering. I really liked some of them, but in the end, I went with the one in the bottom right corner with the little turtles swimming around ^^

So, small disclaimer: I used really crappy paper for this one, because it was just a test. The paper is not at all meant for any water; I am not even sure if it is meant for anything at all. It was really cheap sketching paper, but it is just fuzzy and bleeds like hell. You will see it in a moment, because I used watercolor for it anyway. 

On to the picture!

Turtles!!! - image 2 - student project

It is cute, I like it, but it might not be the best way for reading purposes xD But yeah, it was fun to do and I have a lot of different sketches to experiment with now, so I count it as a success^^

So long o/


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