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Turning a very small, part time business into a full time dream come true.

I've been making diploma frames and picture frames for over 12 years now, mostly on weekends, and really want to take it to another level. I would love to find a way to do it full time and live a much happier life - spending more time around my loved ones and enjoying the simple things. 

I started by giving away a few frames as gifts and soon people were offering me money to make some for them. It has been a lot of fun since then and I have come to love the time I am creating, working with my hands, feeling the satisfaction of a beautifuly crafted and finished frame - knowing it is going to make the person who bought it feel good.

I make everything from raw lumber - mostly cherry, walnut and mahogany. They start as ugly, rough sawn, dirty pieces of lumber and leave as beautiful hand crafted items.

I sell through an Etsy site -  harvestwoods.com -  Ebay and a lot through word of mouth.

I am approaching 900 frames sold on a very part time basis.  

 In addition I have created a "how to" site about making your own picture frames and cutting mats etc.... the goal is to earn passive income there to supplement the hard good sales of the frames I make. The site is picture-frame-it-yourself.com.

It is starting to generate some income and I have plans to expand it and add other revenue generating ideas such as e-books, more affiliate partnerships and perhaps create some on-line classes.

I want to stretch myself, grow this little business and see where it can lead me. I want to gamble on myself instead of leaving my future in the hands of others.

My approach at this stage is mostly freelancing - if it can scale or morph into something entrepreunurial in the future  - I'm not so sure, but I don't see that as a negative - yet. 

I see the how to site as being more and more entreprenurial in that it will earn income without having to make a tangible item to sell. It will generate income while I sleep...

I am hoping this class will be one more step in my development and lead me one step (or many steps hopefully!) closer to my goal.

Model - sell hand made frames through on-line stores, craft shows, art festivals and by word of mouth. Generate passive income from a web-site I created that teaches new woodworkers and more seasoned wood workers how to make their own frames successfuly  - through ads on the site, affilitate partnerships, e-books, and at some point classes.

Assets - fully equiped wood working shop, existig Etsy and Ebay stores, existing and growing how-to website, small client base, 12 years of knowledge and experience

My customer - someone who prefers unique, hand crafted, "real" looking wooden diploma frames made of high quality woods like cherry, walnut, mahogany and other exotics. Someone who will pay for quality and is not interested in mass produced frames. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals that want matching frames to upgrade the look of their office and show their diplomas, degrees, certificates in original, unique frames.

Benefits - frames that are hand made with care by someone who strives for perfection, high end woods that offer warmth and a rich look versus the high gloss plastic looking mass produced frames, personal contact and interest from the person actually making their frames, superior quality and service.


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