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Turn yourself into a Vector Skull Illustration

*First of all, I apologize for my english. My native language it's spanish. 

A while ago I created these 3 sketch of skulls using as a reference 3 of the main characters of a Tv Show that I love. Great show, great story and awesome characters can be found in VIKINGS.

I wanted to make a illustration of each one of them using an object that I don't know why but I found them awesome, i'm talking about skulls. I love every piece of art that has an skull involved.

So, I decided which 3 characters I wanted to create and turn them into skulls, peaking out facial features that will of course tell who they are.

These are the initial sketches I did for each one.


Done with pencil and markers I sketched out my main figures. But that wasn't all I wanted to do with them. I decide then to make those sketches into a more detailed and finished work, using vectors. Then I started searching for vector inspirations and ideas to see with what I could came up with.

A couple of days later, I finished with these 3 pieces.


To be honest, I think they came out really well, and I love them. I feel my self satisfied :) even close friends and in social media people started telling me "man that's awesome, that could be used in tattoos and shirts, etc."

So, having that heard, I decide to make kinda the same for a class, and what a better way to start my teaching in this platform.

I want to teach to the ones that take my class how to become them self into a vector skull illustration, using a picture of them, making a concept image to trace which will be the one to use to make our final vector illustration.

The process that I will teach you, will be something like this.



Thru this process, I pretend to teach you to use some of the basics tools in Photoshop, so you can come up with your concept or reference image. You will also learn or use a faster way to make your pencil drawing by tracing it, and as final and the most important part of the class, you will learn to use Adobe Illustrator to create the final vector image, so you can come up with something like the ones I did for Vikings and use it in whatever platform you can imagine.

So, that's my idea for the class. What do you think about it. I really will appreciate whatever comment and directions you people can tell me.

• Here is the link to my Class Outline

• Trailer coming very soon. Still recording videos and speeches

Hope you like it.



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