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Sookie Sachs

Web & Aspiring Graphic Designer



Turn up the air conditioning! I'm dying of heat stroke.


Mosaic - Used the Vary Hues script and started with a small dark blue square, added 10 to script field fill color, added dark blue background behind squares

Sun - used highlights and shades, used mesh tool to make it appear a sphere

Desert Hills - made patterns from all the different shapes created with the Fleurify, Tile Wrapper, and All Points scripts. Used the Edit--> Edit Colors --> Recolor Artwork to change the colors of my original patterns to something that resembles desert and earth colors.


This class was fun.  I enjoyed learning more about scripts. They certainly make life easier. I have a programming background so I am looking forward to messing around with making my own scripts. 

I find making patterns in Illustrator a bit frustrating because of the stupid tile lines.  No matter what I do (tried turning off anti-aliasing, scaling up and down, moving the pattern, overlapping the pattern more, etc.), I can't seem to make them disappear completely.  On the purple pattern, the white lines didn't show up in Illustrator but they show up on my JPG.  Personally, I feel this problem makes the pattern making abilities of Illustrator almost useless. You can't sell a pattern with these lines or give a client a file with these lines.  I guess if the lines aren't too bad, I could spot heal in Photoshop. Gah!

Also, not sure why I have a line through my mosaic tile - I didn't use a pattern for this one.  


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