Meg Montgomery

Founder @ IDEABASH



Turn Your Ideas Into Income & THRIVE!


Join the tsunami of people around the world who are making amazing passive income by sharing their skills, experience and life passions in the form of digital products. It's a win-win method to create personal "wellth" and add value to the world around you!  


In this two-part course, you'll learn how to create and distribute a $10-$25 digital product by sharing one of your unique skills, experiences or life passions.


In the first class, you'll identify the perfect skill, experience or passion that you want to use as the foundation for your product. You'll learn to identify your audience, determine the proper format for your product (ebook, info product, video course etc), how to research your topic and how to use your competition to your advantage. You'll be given many examples of people who have achieved exceptional success with digital products.

In the second class, we'll discuss methods of compiling and distributing your product. I will include a wealth of free and/or very inexpensive online resources to help you complete your product.

There will be a Q&A after each class, and after the 2nd class, I'll hold office hours to critique your products.

What will you come away with from this class?

Successful completion of the course will give you a quality $10-$25 digital product and and the knowledge to distribute it. What you learn in this class is scalable, so you will also have the ability to create more expensive digital products.

Who will benefit from this class?

You'll greatly benefit from this course if you have a burning desire to create passive income by adding value to the world around you. It helps to have an entrepreneurial mindset and basic multimedia skills.

About the Teacher

Meg Montgomery is an entrepreneurial advocate who has researched positive business models for several decades. She is a member of the 7 Graces Global Community, which seeks to "heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell." She is the author of The Art of Personal Transformation and the founder of the IDEABASH Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, and a musician.


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