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Turkey and Greece

I took this skillshare class right before we were about to leave on vacation, and it inspired me to bring a travel watercolor kit (read: I drove all around the city on the day before we left trying to find one). Usually when I go on trips, I leave behind my art practice and it's hard to get back into it. Partly it's because I don't like to carry around a huge trove of materials, partly because I'm shy about people watching me, and partly because when you travel - you're busy! Doing stuff, on the move. Not the time to bring work with you. However, I liked the idea of sitting and meditating in a space - if you don't have 10 minutes to sit down in a park on vacation, after all, you're doing it wrong.

I found a small enough watercolor kit and managed to do a painting every day of our trip (2 and a half weeks). They aren't all pictured here, but there was only one (I was rushed, and drinking wine) that I really didn't like, and tossed. Everything else, no matter how simple-seeming, represents a place where I really tried to be nowhere else but that place. 


View of the harbour from our hotel bar (Fethiye, Turkey)


Fairy Chimmneys, Goreme, Turkey - sitting on the ground


Pammukele, Turkey - escaping the heat in the shade


Pigeon Valley, Goreme, Turkey - painted in a restaurant while my partner drank tea


View from our hotel balcony, Goreme Turkey


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