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Turkey Talk Editorial

This is just the class I needed!  Thanks, Ed for sharing your knowledge with all of us on editorial pieces!  LOVED every minute of your class!   Below are just some quick ideas that I came up with for the article.

I can't wait to see which one you guys like best!  



Ok..so, I decided to go with Sketch #1 and here is my Illustration Art that I did for the article....


Note: If you any of you were wondering about the conversation Ed and I had about 3D art...I had made a Sculpted Turkey awhile back and put it as my project cover photo.  I since have changed it to my illustration to better suit what we are doing, but I have attached it below for you to see if you are curious about the two different styles we were discussing.


PS>Ed...I see what you are talking about...two styles/completely DIFFERENT and I have to agree that they would CLASH on a website!!!


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