Turkey Article

Turkey Article - student project

Hi Ed and everyone,

I just started taking Skillshare for few days, and thank you to Ed for this awesome class, I really enjoyed it, and this is my first project here :)


Turkey Article - image 1 - student project



There's a boy who slept on a table after he had a bunch of soda and dessert, and he's still holding a fork with a piece of food that he was eating. he didn't even touch the nice turkey at the foreground.

(sorry if i didn't explain well, my english is not that good)

Turkey Article - image 2 - student project

I still don't like my color, there's a bit mess, and the fork looks too terribly big. I plan to revised it after I get some feedback form you though :)


I draw each elements separately and used black watercolor, then I combined everything in photoshopTurkey Article - image 3 - student project


I also love the black and white version.Turkey Article - image 4 - student project



Turkey Article - image 5 - student projectTurkey Article - image 6 - student project

Here are my sketches I think I should have done more. For the next project, I would spend more time on thinking and sketching.


I'm working on my portfolio to looking for jobs. I'm a graphic designer but I always want to work as an illustrator. Anyway, I'm still learning, and this is kinda new things for me. Please feel free to criticize, that would be so helpful :)


Thank you 


June Saelim
Designer, Illustrator