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TurboRoster / Big Fella

TurboRoster is a registration platform that rewards members for their signing up online and for being socially active.  Our customer focus is primarily in the Fitness Health and Wellness Industry, ranging from Gyms to Yoga Studios to Continuing Education programs in School Districts.  

Our target auidience is typically on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  A few are on Instagram and Pinterest, however our focus from a social media platform has been Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

TurboRoster's mission is to offer our service through these platforms.  Our strategy consists of the following:

1.  Since we target health clubs we often post/tweet suggested receipes (jab)

2.  Engage on relevant conversations on twitter to build user trust (jab)

3.  Post relevant topics / industry events (jab)

4.  Offer FREE products to users or FREE service to clubs from time to time (jab)

5.  Offer our paid service to clubs or products to users (Right Hook)

Facebook Image

Facebook Image

Facebook Text Post

"Tired of annoying front desk calls for Spin Registration.  Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial"


All in Text -

"Buy TurboRoster today and get a Free set up and Club Marketing"




#fitness #workout #gobigorgohome #spin

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"Accelerate your life with TurboRoster"


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