Tupac Katari | Skillshare Projects

Tupac Katari

My character is called Tupac Katari, he is a bolivian aboriginal, brave and charismatic. 

Through this assignment I discovered my own limitations on the rendering process. I found myself struggling with the brushes settings and It was hard to keep the escence of the original sketch with all the painting.

I would say, that the most dificult part for me was trying to keep my own sketch while painting, it's like I am so focused on try to render that I forget keeping the escence of the original sketch. 

Getting a skin tone was hard too. I think this one kind of looks like a simpson, I understand the first step of getting the render with only two colors (none of the black or white) and then just change the tone. I guess I should try with diferent colors next time. I am a mess with color. 

Overall, I had fun and I will keep practicing. This was a really organized class and really really helpful! 


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