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Tuna(music streaming website)

  I want to introduce a new awesome trance when I was shuffling on my ipod to other EDM lovers.

   I want to see other people's opinion about it. I want to get a sense of people crowding together and dancing with the beats when I am seating in front of my computer, just like a party.

    In a real music world, besides songs with really awesome intros or choruses, lots of other songs have such beautiful hooks and finest breakdown. I really enjoy those tinying details that a producer sometimes would spend hours or days to find and get.                             Example: Tides, the xx(that nice edited sound makes you feel like something is behind you.)     That continous drum beats at 2:56 of Thinking about you(Calvin Harris) are so sweet!!! (the best part of that song). 

   What I want to do is to mark down those beautiful details on a track, so that people can wait to judge until those nice parts are really appreciated. 

   I believe a lot of people will feel the same way as me. I believe so do you! Comment the words in your head now! Thanks!! 



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