Tulsa Coffee Crawl

Your Name:  Mitchell Murry

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brand Name:  Tulsa Coffee Crawl

Slogan/Mission Statement:

I am in the midst of developing the brand for a coffee crawl that is coming to good 'ole Tulsa, Oklahoma this March. Hoping to use this class for inspirartion and direciton in developing the logo and idea further. Respect Simon Walker's look and style a lot and thought this class would do a great job at developing my ideas further. 


Round 1:

This is just a start at vectoring my original sketches. Still working on the word Tulsa and Crawl, but here is my first start at the word Coffee. Need to tweak the last "e" quite a bit.

Round 2:

Still developing this futher but this is where I am headed.

Final Rough:


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