Tulipa sp.

Tulipa sp. - student project

Hi there! 

My name is Rebecca Robertson of North + Yonder, and I am an aspiring designer from Northern British Columbia! I am a mom to the amazing Grace and wife of Brett, a small-town pastor. As a biology major and enthusiastic gardener I am endlessly inspired by nature and the wilderness with which I am surrounded. 

It is mid-April and in our little mountain town the last two weeks have brought more snow than the rest of the winter combined! Instead of despairing I have resolved to create my own botanicals and have delved into the world of watercolour for the first time.

Tulipa sp. - image 1 - student project


Thank you Bonnie for your incredible classes. Your generous teaching style and kindred heart have taught me so much and I have absolutely fallen in love with Adobe Illustrator. For this project I found inspiration from the tulips I know are blooming in more Southerly regions. I would also highly recommend Cara Rosalie Olsen's Skill Share Class 'How to Paint Loose Watercolour Tulips'. She helped me start on this watercolour journey and I certainly have a lot to learn.


Tulipa sp. - image 2 - student project


I ended up making two patterns. The first is looser with more negative space whereas in the second I used nearly all of the elements I had vectorized. I named my mini-collection Tulipa sp. and the two colour-ways are called 'Tulipa Aqua' and 'Tulipa Solis' to reflect the coolness and warmth of of their respective palettes.


Tulipa sp. - image 3 - student project


Tulipa sp. - image 4 - student project



Since it is Easter weekend I also designed this image to send to friends and family.


Tulipa sp. - image 5 - student project


Thank you again, Bonnie. I so enjoyed this project and I am already dreaming up ideas for my next watercolour pattern!


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